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Boys Strength / Stretching / Conditioning

Boys Strength Classes and instruction
Male dancer Conditioning Class

Within our Boys strength and conditioning class we aim to improve the overall fitness of our dancers in a healthy, safe and above all happy team spirit environment!


Many of our boys love this training class assisting each other to meet the end goals of improving Aerobic ability, Core Strength, Muscular Strength, Endurance, Flexibility and Agility.


Re-inforcing the necessity of good form and technique for best results, we utilise a mixture of body weight excercises, fitness aids etc.


Drawing from the latest fitness trends, pilates, floor barre and yoga we aim to make the class as dance specific / relevant as possible enhancing progession and setting realistic targets whilst monitoring results.


Engaging in this class to raise fitness not only reduces the chance of an injury but most importantly raises a student's self esteem, self confidence, mental discipline, performance, and co-ordination.

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