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Online Ballet Classes for Boys

'LBBS GLOBAL' - Boys Online Dance Training

Our online and Interactive training platform 'LBBS GLOBAL', offers a variety of online classes suitable for the various ages and abilities of students. 

LBBS GLOBAL sees pupils attending from around the world including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Malaysia, China and Europe.  Where possible, we try to arrange our various school timetables to suit differing time zones.

We offer reliable online tuition delivered by highly regarded industry professionals and examiners in Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus Ballet, Strength & Conditioning, Jazz Dance, Tap Dance, Ballet Technique, Contemporary, Yoga, Pilates, Ballet Choreography, Street Dance and Musical Theatre. 

Online Classes in Ballet History, Theory, Vocabulary, Exam Tips and Audition Preparation will also be offered throughout the year.

We are fully aware of the limited space that some online students may have available at home, so all set work and exercises will consider this.

Boys Online Dance Training

"we were very impressed with the level of feedback and technical correction that was given to our son.

Thank you SO much!"


Virtual Ballet Classes Boys
ballet classes online remote
virtual ballet classes
boys ballet remote classes

"Thank you for the class this week he absolutely loved it and we were so impressed with the correction and attention all of the boys receive, so thank you very much. Very glad we joined you online!"


"Thank you for all the hard work and thought you have put in to 'LBBS GLOBAL' for our dancing boys!

The format and actual classes were great and a real highlight of the week. Well done!"


'LBBS GLOBAL' - A Unique Online Teaching Model.


Many students will thoroughly enjoy any online class experience, but it is important that they truly benefit from the training.

All our online syllabus Ballet classes therefore benefit from a designated teaching team.  This consists of THREE staff members within each and every syllabus session, (e.g. an RAD examiner/teacher, the school Director and a demonstrator).

Using a separate demonstrator and having two staff members on the teaching panel, results in each student being observed closely as they perform the requested exercise.  Feedback and correction can now be given in much greater detail allowing for a good level of individual/group interaction between the teaching panel and the students.

Each LBBS GLOBAL session also includes group questioning, online descriptions and other visual learning aids, thus ensuring we can obtain a good level of understanding by students.

LBBS Global classes
Boys Ballet Online Interactive Classes

In addition to the teaching panel, the very busy school timetable requires us to remotely move each student into different virtual studios so they may attend their chosen classes, this is the job of the 'Class Controllers'.

'LBBS GLOBAL' - Benefits and Key Features

  • Online Dance training overseen and supported by the LBBS faculty.

  • Benefit from a highly regarded and experienced teaching faculty delivering a male focussed dance training.

  • Regular guest teachers from some of the world's most prestigious dance companies and establishments.

  • Learn alongside many other male students who are studying at the same level.

  • Receive Associate status with the 'London Boys Ballet School', London based headquarters, providing the facility to access LBBS merchandise and dancewear and join the hundreds of boys who are already part of the LBBS dancing family. 

  • Experience a unique Online teaching model which delivers a high level of feedback and correction.

  • Ability to book private online classes and coaching.

  • The option to attend a comprehensive online timetable across multiple virtual studios.

  • Invitations to our live and online Q & A sessions with high profile industry professionals.

  • Discounts at various dance outlets and online dance stores.

  • 1-1 Support and assistance from the LBBS global team to enhance your personal dance training goals. 

  • Invitations to live or streamed LBBS performances, theatre outings, conventions, school celebrations and trips throughout the year.

  • Access to on-site classes and workshops at our Central London headquarters at various times throughout the year.​

Boys Dance classes online
online male dance classes

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are for our son to have this opportunity to train with you.  The feedback you give in each lesson is invaluable and we really appreciate everything you are doing"


'LBBS GLOBAL' - Online Dance Classes Available

We are introducing more virtual classes and new dance/theatre genres each week.  Each discipline has classes at the various levels to allow attendance for the varying abilities of online student.  

A full timetable of the 'LBBS GLOBAL' online classes will be provided on enquiry. 

  • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus Ballet (All Levels and abilities). We are also very familiar with the various syllabus work for ISTD, BBO, IDTA, BTDA etc. so students attending these alternative association classes elsewhere, will still be able to benefit from our online Ballet classes. 

  • Online Ballet Technique (All Levels and abilities)

  • Online Jazz Dance (All Levels and abilities)

  • Online Contemporary Dance (All Levels and abilities)

  • Online Tap Dance (All Levels and abilities)

  • Online Street Dance (All Levels and abilities)

  • Online Musical Theatre (All Levels and abilities)

  • Online Strength & Conditioning (All Levels and abilities)

  • Online Yoga (All Levels and abilities)

  • Online Pilates (All Levels and abilities)

  • Online Ballet Barre (All Levels and abilities)

  • Online Ballet Choreography (All Levels and abilities)

  • Online Ballet Vocabulary and Theory. 

  • Online Private 1 to 1 Classes.

Virtual Boys Online Dance Training







TELEPHONE: +44 20 7183 3729 (LBBS GLOBAL ONLY)

(Lines open 11am until 7pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

XXXXX had a wonderful first class. Thank you so much! He is very much looking forward to next week. A fantastic method of teaching, so they all feel seen. Well done!

Thank you! - what you are doing is amazing. XXXXX has so been looking forward to today and is the happiest he has been all week.

I just wanted to email and thank you for such a fantastic class.  XXXXX was incredibly nervous before the lesson but absolutely loved it! I am very grateful.

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity and all the hard work  making these classes. XXXXX has only been doing classes here in Wales for 5 weeks so this class with the other boys is a wonderful opportunity for him 

Thank you for a fabulous lesson this morning! XXXXX loved it. We look forward to next week. 
Stay safe!

XXXXX loved the class , great corrections. Hard to find good technique classes. Thank you.!

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