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Boys Jazz Dance


Boys Jazz is a fun, commercial and highly energetic class requiring great strength and flexibility. Performed to upbeat music that can incorporate pure jazz (Ballet based), musical theatre / performance style (character based) or Street jazz Dance.

Predominantly the focus is on stylised choreography and routines to develop the dancers response to free choreography and application of technique to new works.  Class begins with a technical warm up and stretch to prepare the body, a focus on technical elements such as isolations, turns, leaps,tricks, kicks, travelling and floor sequences.


Today, Jazz dance has little to do with Jazz music and the dance form encompasses a variety of styles as it has developed over the years.  The latest trend being the street and hip hop style promoted by groups like Diversity!


Jazz classes are available for the various ages and abilities (Age 7 upwards).  


Our younger pupils (<7yrs) have the oportunity to attend Modern dance classes. 


Junior Boys Jazz, Middle Boys Jazz and Senior Boys Jazz Dancing Classing available.


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