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The 'Award Winning' London Boys Ballet School offers male students aged 4 - 18 yrs the opportunity to learn Ballet and other theatre genres in an 'all-boys' environment.


" a part time school with the full time training experience!"

Boys Only Ballet Lessons

Dance School of the Year Winner

The London Boys Ballet School, (LBBS), was founded to help encourage more boys and young men into the world of Ballet and Dance. For many years boys have been reluctant to attend dance classes for fear of being the 'only boy', or perhaps have been discouraged by the image that has previously been associated with genres such as Ballet.

The London Boys Ballet School has tried very hard to change the discouraging Boys Ballet image and clearly demonstrate what it means to attend and train in a Ballet lesson. Pupils who are attending our Boys Ballet classes not only enjoy the tuition, but soon develop in strength, stamina, co-ordination, flexibility and discipline.

Our unique Boys Ballet School is not 'all pink', not 'all girly' and there is not a 'Tutu' in sight! There is however an increasing number of very passionate Boys and young men attending dance and Ballet classes each enjoying a clear feeling of camaraderie.

If you are looking for an award winning school with the very best of industry teachers, then you have found it!  Take a look at our team,  news and press pages and you will soon appreciate that LBBS really is a school like no other.

For our girls school, please visit London Ballet School.

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