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Boys Modern Dance

Modern dance classes male london

We utilise the ISTD Modern Theatre dance syllabus which is being taught at many professional dance collegees.


Modern dance is a rhythmic dance style that developed in the early twentieth century, partly in reaction to the traditional and more restrictive, upright and highly technical genre of Ballet. It was pioneered in America by Ruth St. Denis and Martha Graham during the 1920s, and rose to prominence in the 1950, 1960s, and 1970s with outstanding choreographers such as Alvin Ailey and Bob Fosse.


In contrast to Ballet grades, the modern dance syllabus now provides a technical and progessive structure of levels. This prepares the body for posture, technique and co-ordinated steps of dancing in parallel or with natural turnout.


Utilising a varied use of rhythmic, lyrical, dynamic qualities unknown to Ballet.  In its sophistication it has developed many styles and techniques.


Boys Modern Dance is a highly energetic dance style that uses travelling steps, movements low to the ground, upright posture and relaxation through the spine.  Dynamic isolated moves, high kicks, leaps and turns are also incorporated. 


Modern dance introduces dynamic sharp and contracted alignments In addition to those lyrical Ballet moves such as lines with arms and legs.

In one single Modern dance class, students body is being schooled to develop technique and adapt to a variety of innovative dance trends. 


You could find yourself dancing to African , Tango, Salsa and Jazz rhythms, but equally lyrical dances drawing on Ballet elements and street jazz with isolations.


You name it, you’ll probably find it in a Boys Modern dance class.


Dance is becoming increasingly complex which poses greater demands on the dancer and the modern syllabus is a reflection of that.


The constantly updated Modern syllabus is therefore an essential tool to ensure that at LBBS we are meeting the required skills of the modern dance world.

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