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Boys Tap Dance

Boys Tap dance is a fun and exciting class which can prove rewarding from the first lesson.  Excitement and instant gratificaton of hearing the sounds and rhythms you can make with your feet on the floor! 


This highly aerobic lesson can be a big hit with those needing to channel their energy, those with natural rhythm or maybe those studying music.


Tap development requires the student to acquire the balance, co-ordination and aquisition of skill to enable the differing sounds made with ball taps and heels.

Throughout the course of study students learn to sustain posture, develop complimentary arm use and increase their knowledge of rhythm.


As pupils progress in ability, the rhythms, speed and complexity of steps increases.  Via class work , the accompaniment of a vast array of music, exposure to American style tap, Broadway dance styles and music free rhythm Tap.   Our students will become very capable tappers.


We offer Boys tap classes from aged 4 yrs to Seniors.

juniors tap dancing lessons
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