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Boys Contemporary Dance


We offer Boys Contemporary dance classes in London as part of our busy Saturday timetable.


Pupils that are attending our Junior Ballet levels and above have the opportunity to enrol in our Contemporary classes.


Contemporary dance is a creative and expressive genre that links body and mind through the exploration of new movement ideas, often through improvisation in the early stages.

This notion and the use of fall and recovery, along with unpredictable changes in direction and speed can make it a highly appealing dance form for energetic, athletic boys.  To define Contemporary would in itself go against what its teachers try to achieve and instill in their pupils. That being, to encourage them to push the boundaries of what we know as dance and to discover new ways of moving and expressing.  


Presenting unique choreographic works to appeal to a variety of audiences whether they be abstract, narrative or stimulii based pieces.

The fundamental difference between Ballet and Contemporary lies in the greater freedom allowed.  Mobility in the torso and the use of the floor to perform on, with the whole body, not just the feet, using and emphasising the force of gravity to pull the body down.

Predominantly the class focus is on learning through the creation of innovative choreographic pieces following a series of preparatory exercises drawing from codified ideas and techniques such as Graham / Cunningham.

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