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Online dance classes cover a range of class content and delivery methods:


  • Combined exam syllabus and non-syllabus Ballet content.

  • Introduction, explanation and reinforcement of Ballet terms and vocabulary.

  • Detailed execution of Ballet steps, with focus on the male performance technique.

  • High quantity of individual student feedback from the teaching team.

  • Students may ask questions or ask for further clarification at anytime within the class.  

  • Opportunities to chat directly to highly regarded dance professionals and dancers,
    (Please see our training videos section for some Q & A examples)

Royal Academy Dance Boys Masterclass
Junior Boys Levels

Our 'Junior Boys' classes are suitable for ages 6 - 9yrs. 


Beginners are welcome in these sessions.


Content is typically based at the Grade 1 and Grade 2 Ballet levels..


Both syllabus work and non-syllabus Ballet content is covered within these sessions.

RAD Dance Project b
Middle Boys Levels

Ballet levels Grade 3 and Grade 4 are our middle sets.  

A combination of exam syllabus work, free-work and Ballet vocabulary is covered within these sessions. 

Boys Only Royal Academy of Dance
Senior Ballet Levels

Students studying at Grade 5 level to Vocational are invited to attend our Senior classes.  These classes are also open to full time dance students who wish to develop their Ballet training and technique.

Content from the male RAD Intermediate Foundation to RAD Advanced vocational levels are all covered within these sessions. 

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