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Boys Ballet Classes in Brighton

Many of the pupils / parents at the London Boys Ballet School travel long distances to attend our unique boys training programme.  Brighton is a very common home location for our pupils.

We do not just run 'boys Ballet classes' but offer a full training experience in all styles of dance and theatre genres.  The boys classes are taught by highly regarded dance professionals often only found in full time Ballet and dance schools.

Boys ages 4 - 18 are welcome to attend a full free trial day.

If you want to see your child receive a serious Boys Ballet and dance training that they also enjoy, then book a free trial day at the London Boys Ballet School.

Joining early 2019 and you will have the opportunity to take part in our unique 'all-boys' theatre performance.  "A performance like no other!!

So if you are looking for Boys Ballet Classes in Brighton, make the trip to us and experience a school with a difference!

Brighton Boys Ballet - London Boys Ballet School

Free Full trial day available for all new pupils.  Over 65 boys classes running each Saturday!

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